SkyDrive, Spotify, Windows 8

Some random SkyDrive, Office 2013, Spotify on Windows 8 updates:

“A billion Office documents have been saved to SkyDrive, Microsoft announced today. This number will surely grow with Office 2013 using SkyDrive as the default save location.
Previously, editing those documents with the Office Web Apps required a Microsoft account. Microsoft has changed that policy. While a Microsoft account is still required to have your own SkyDrive and documents, you can now edit other people’s documents to which you’ve been invited even without an account; you just need the invitation link. This should make co-authoring simpler and more accessible….

Way back at the Windows Phone 8 launch last year, Microsoft promised that Spotify was coming to the platform. Windows Phone 7 had a Spotify client, but it’s one of the small selection of apps that weren’t compatible with Windows Phone 8 due to its use of native code. The new free app is still a “beta,” and it comes with a 30-day Spotify trial.”

Thanks to ArsTechnica for the update

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