Google Cloud Platform Compute Engine: Part 2

Google advertises “sustained use discounts” on its Compute Engine service. They mention on their documentation this: “we automatically give you discounted prices” for workloads that are long-running. The Compute Engine uses a worldwide fiber network, where customers can set up virtual servers within clusters with ease. Again, they emphasize server load-balancing and fail-over, so multiple servers can provide the work while set up of these virtual instances in multiple locations [regions, zones] provides for fail-over in the event that one region goes down: although rare, it does happen.

The Goggle Cloud Platform offers a plethora of services within their cloud admin interface. I started with Compute Engine, doing a quickstart Cluster set up.

The set up is super fast. It is a simple cluster pool. Of course, most clusters would be at least a little bigger than this, and in fact could be huge.

The real strength to these Compute Engine clusters of VM instances is grouping. Having groups of these clusters of multiple virtual instances provides the true fail-over and load balancing that is so essential to businesses and organizations worldwide.

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