Windows 2012 Server VHDX VM Share

In a Windows 2012 environment, it is possible, maybe desirable, to have a file server of sorts for multiple shares. Even if an organization is in the cloud, there may be very good reasons to have some data stored locally [i.e. in the office] or maybe replicated partially etc.  Although a

Create a file server disk partition Win Srv 2012 – a VM will handle file server services; storage will be a VHDX passed through to VM via the Host

On Host:

Hyper V MGR – create new Vir HDisk Wiz

– VHDX [more robust]

– Fixed [better perf]

– name, then location = browse, pt to the Partition [Drive D for me]: used all the space; created a Hard Disk Image file, named it, then see the drive turn red within Explorer. A little space remains for OS usage/overhead

– in Comp mgmnt/ Disk mgmnt note the Disk just created should be offline > b/c it is to be used by the VM not Host

On VM File Server:

– disk not showing in Explorer? Needs to be configured

– shut down VM, then, back in Host: use SCSI controller; locate the Physical hard disk and add as needed

– in VM now, file and Storage Services off Server Manager:  shld see the disk, rt click do New Volume Wiz, referencing the aforemented disk [chose NTFS, b/c I will use Dedupe]

– shld now see it is online within Volume Disks , with allotted space. In fact, shld show in Explorer now, ready for use.