Azure-Based Linux Virtual Machine for Video Uploads Using SSH – Part 1

Project: provide for video file storage for an outdoor WiFi based security IP camera. I will use a D-Link video camera and a cloud based location to store the videos. As this is for home use, there is no server. I used to have some at home, but nowadays, I work off Azure or other Cloud based companies and it is no longer needed or feasible: the server is cloud-based.

IP Camera: D-Link DCS-2132LB1. The camera’s basic ‘Live View’ works perfectly fine. You can view it any time, from any where off of a phone App, the web etc., using your D-Link account. But if motion is detected, and you need to snap an image or video of some bad guys, where to store the large files?


Interestingly, this D-Link product offers 4 options to store videos. [Images and log files can be stored as well]: Email, FTP, Network storage, and SD Card.



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