Beware the Search Results

What is going on with all the innocent search results ending in horror? Internet users continue to put their trust in Google, Yahoo, or Bing search results for all types of information, and instead are being led astray to spyware sites located in far away lands, like China, Russia, or Romania (where there are no rules againts spammers and phishers). These web sites infect systems and then engage in a pop up window party letting you know you are infected. For the low, low, low cost of $___ …. well, let’s just say – enter your credit card and the problem will go away! Sure it will. Seriously, if you are thinking of giving these bastards your credit card, before having your head examined, take your system o best Buy or similar, at least keep your ‘business’ local.

Interestingly, you get hundreds of results from Google search on this very topic! Indeed, it is widespread.

Be careful where you visit on the web. be conservative: stck mainly (if not entirely) to web sites you are familiar with, and never give yourself administrator privileges on a Windows PC or laptop!