Remember Shiva VPN?

Remember early SHIVA VPN days anyone?

Here is an example of Shiva VPN configurations for the client-side software, which the IT Support Team sets up. This VPN software is to be used by telecommuters and the international/national traveling Sales force. This allows for secure connections via an Internet “tunnel” when the AT & T GNS connection is established.

The VPN Manager is used to set up accounts for users, which will allow authentication and IP addressing assignments. Then, the network and email are accessible, per user permissions.

Shiva Virtual Private Networking Configurations

Properties ~~> Create New Tunnel: Tunnels/New

* Tunnel Name: Zeee_Tunnel (keep it intuitive)

* Group: leave blank

* Tunnel Applies To: Dial-Up-Adapter Dyn IP: 68.X.X.X (wouldn’t you like to know?)

* Tunnel Type: Shiva Smart Tunnel (SST)

* VPN Gateway: XX.XX.XX.XX

* Check Enable WINS/DNS via VPN Gateway

Advanced Properties ~~> General tab (is same as Properties, above)

~~> Security tab

[Key Negotiation]

* Security: Authentication: Challenge Phrase

* Public Key Length: 1024 (bytes)

* Challenge Phrase: given by Admin (must match the phrase defined in the Intel LanRover VPN Gateway/LanRover VPN Express)

* Key Lifetime: 720 (hours)

[Packet Encryption/Authentication]

* Encryption Algorithm: 3-DES (168-bit key)

* Encapsulation: SST

* Check Packet Key & Accept Peer Proposal

~~> Connection tab [Connection Type]

* Check ‘Auto Connect’

* Check ‘Logon to Network’

* Leave unchecked ‘Remote User’ (look into this)

[SST Communication]

* Protocol: UDP

* UDP Port: SHiva VPN Tunnel


* none assigned at this point


* Leave all boxes unchecked

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