Stop Microsoft Teams from Starting Automatically

If you have most recent business or student versions of Microsoft Office [soon to be, Microsoft 365] recently installed, you may have noticed that Microsoft is REALLY pushing Microsoft Teams. Of course, many organizations use it, but not all do. After logging into your computers, you will see this window:

Loading MS Teams

Quick and easy way to stop Teams from opening right after logging into Windows. Once Teams opens, visit your Windows Taskbar, in the lower right:

MS Teams

Right-click the small icon with the “T”, go into Settings:

Microsoft Teams Settings

Within the General settings, remove the check mark from Auto-start application:


I also removed the “On close, keep the application running” setting and checked the “Disable GPU hardware acceleration” [optional]:

Set Microsft Teams to not start automatically

Now when I log into Windows, I no longer see Teams automatically open up.