Magellan GPS Software Update

I just took a long road trip, from San Francisco to Los Angeles, and back again. I love my Magellan RoadMate 1440 GPS. However, there were at least 2 occasions when the maps and directions were incorrect. I am guessing that is due to all the changes with roads and freeways and all those highway funds flowing from Washington DC!

What to do? What if the CD that came with the product is lost? What if there was no CD? Use the USB connector that came with the GPS to connect to your Windows Vista or later system – ignore any of the plug and play type prompts so you can do it right by going through the software.

Download the Magellan software, it is called Content Manager. Try this page:

You install the software, register (yes, another registration), plug in your Magellan and voila: you are interconnected between PC (or laptop, or Mac) and GPS.
The software is very simple, but it works well. There is a big link to “Check for Updates”. That is exactly what is needed. It turns out that there are many software and road map updates! I had software version 1.12 on my GPS, and the latest update is version 2.22! I also had a 1.5 GIGABYTE road map upgrade available! Note this is an upgrade, not an update. So I am proceeding slowly on this one …

I have only installed the software so far. I will try to check back later about the mammoth maps upgrade!

Oh, and there is no charge for these updates. Happy GPS -ing!