Linux VM on Azure for FTP-SSH – Part 5

– Continued from Part 4-

Some connection fun, time to get busy on the Bash shell, and get used to the Linux directory structure again:


Now there’s a terminal connection AND a Bitvise interface for doing some work on the virtual Linux box. The Bitvise is maybe a bit more user friendly for some simple file and folder related tasks, but the old- fashioned terminal window works too, and is in fact where all the real work can be done if needed.

Create a folder share: within Bitvise, I right-clicked in the ‘remote files’ section of Bitvise to do so.


Sudo Yum command to install FTP server

FAILED – so, have to SSH first to the cloud VM, then install FTP. I worked out a few kinks along the way.


A little off the topic, but …

Type a simple ‘Netstat –a’ to verify the Port 22 connection and also I can see my IP address:


– Start from the beginning of this Linux FTP-SSH set up on an Azure Cloud Server VM –

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