Exchange 2000 Set Up

This help document contains some simple instructions for installing and configuring Microsoft’s Exchange Server 2000. Much work needs to be done before installing Exchange Server 2000. For instance, Windows 2000 Server (s) would need to be in place and patched up. Active Directory should be running smoothly as well. Domain registrar issues must already be in place if emailing to/from the outside world is desired. DNS must be set up for outside (Primary Standard Zone/s) and inside (preferably, Active Directory-integrated Zone/s, although not needed). Although not required, the network should be in Native Mode. This would allow for the most benefits that Exchange Server 2000 offers.

I captured as many screen shots as possible to give a good visual representation. [For what it’s worth, I used 20/20 screen capture freeware. It is excellent.]

Note: DNS must be configured appropriately, with proper A (host) and MX (mail exchanger) records. IIS (Internet Information Services) should be running without any issues. Also, it is critical that your ISP allows SMTP traffic! I spent a long time (wasting time really) troubleshooting my set up configurations only to learn that my ISP, Earthlink, does not allow SMTP traffic heading outbound (unless it is emanating from them of course). Don’t believe me? Try these simple google groups search results.

Also, any software or hardware firewalls must forward the pertinent ports to the server as needed, i.e. TCP port 25 (SMTP), TCP port 119 (NNTP), TCP port 110 (POP), and TCP port 143 (IMAP4).

I had to study/read a variety of resources before delving into this project:

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