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While surfing to a web site, after receiving the following message:

“ATTENTION: Our flash detector indicates that you do not have the latest version of Flash. To experience this web site to the fullest you will need Flash 5 plugin or higher. To download flash click on “Download Now” in the pop-up window.”

… Go to Macromedia, makers of Flash. Normally a link will be provided. Then choose the correct player (Linux x86) – Netscape (mozilla) is the closest for Galeon:


Download Flash, to your download DIR, or temp, etc. It does not matter, just remember:


Issue the su command, log in, as you need to be root for the next few actions. Go to the Flash Player downloaded file location. Issue the command, gunzip flash_linux.tar.gz.

Then, tar -xvf flash_linux.tar. This creates a flash_linux directory, as seen below:


Now, we need to copy and ShockwaveFlash.class (and nothing more) to the proper plugins directory. I did a Find for Plugins to find the Mozilla (i.e. Galeon or Netscape-compatible) plugins directory:


Finally, and simply enough, copy the needed files to Mozilla plugins DIR:


Might need to restart the Galeon browser. At this point, we can surf Flash-enabled web sites with ease!

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