My Move from GoDaddy to Azure

As much as I like Go Daddy services (‘GoDaddy’) overall, I am moving over to Microsoft Azure hosting. I can only take so many advertisements and sales hustles built into my PAID service or product management interface. I work, and have worked in the past, extensively with Go Daddy services. I am doing this both with work and on a personal level.  And really, the name is a bit … odd for some reason.

Go Daddy hits its customers up relentlessly with up-selling. I understand … it is a business and they are good at what they do. But I want a little peace and quiet while I am in the technical space, so to speak. Also, I admit: I am an I.T. Manager and a Windows centric Systems Administrator so … I am biased, and Azure as an all-encompassing platform is the way to go for me.

With Microsoft nicely merging Office 365 (Outlook, SharePoint, Excel, PowerPoint, Word, Lync, OneDrive) with its Azure (virtual servers, networks, databases, storage blobs, web sites on the fly etc), they are creating a powerful business platform that few can match. They also offer excellent pre migration tools and documentation to assist companies in moving from “the LAN to the CLOUD”. This is no small task, especially for those with hundreds or thousands of Active Directory users AND Exchange Server email accounts or SQL Databases sitting in a dimly lit building server room somewhere! But I digress.

Of course, Go Daddy does a fine job in the domain registration and SSL sphere, so I still will use these services. So, this is not a total break away from GoDaddy!

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