Samsung ATIV tablet with Windows 8

I have the Samsung ATIV Smart PC in my hand. It is astonishingly wonderful. Although Samsung refers to this device as a “Smart PC”, I call it a  … tablet. But I get the Marketing – this tablet really can be a PC for most folks, whether on a personal, home level or in a business sense.

But believe me, this is not your standard PC nor an average laptop. This is a tablet that not only zips around from App to App, or even Desktop to App, this tablet TURNS HEADS. Sit in a public space or walk around with one in hand and you will see what I mean.

Once you figure out how to turn off the “Autorotate”, this device is awesome. Autorotate moves the screen from vertical to horizontal on the fly. Sometimes, it seems the screen moves if you even flinch slightly. There may be a way to tune it, but the button on top of the tablet next to the On/Off switch turns it off/on. It’s all long screen or horizontal for me.

The 1.8 GHz Atom processor is more than ample for this tablet that can pass for a modern day workstation. The RAM is slim at 2 Gigabytes, so this device may not be for hard core science, mathematical or business reporting numbers crunching users. But outside of those requirements, it can handle most tasks smoothly.

The Windows 8 tablet swiping takes some getting used to. But once you start gently swiping in the corners, as opposed to tapping hard (like I did initially), navigation is fairly easy and makes sense. A lower right hand corner Windows 8 swipe yields Search, Share, Start (menu), Devices, and Settings. Now I am wondering, how did I ever carry on my Windows work without these?

One tip: if new to Windows 8 on a tablet or touch screen, master how to find Search. Anything, and I mean anything, can be found via Search. It’s really the same as the Windows 7 Start/Search feature. Hit the Windows logo (which all Windows 8 devices have now), and you get the shiny default Windows 8 screen if you are lost. Scroll to the right, and there is Search. Gently start touching the lowest right corner, and swipe towards center screen. Search via narrowing it down to Apps, Settings, Files [Apps is default]. This was how I got to the Network settings: I selected Settings and typed in network. All sorts of related results.

The AT&T 4G is built into the device, i.e. on the board, so to speak. The built on nature of a 4G card increases the price of the unit a bit. It is worth it, though. Speeds are spot on and do not disappoint at 9 Megabytes download and 7 Megabytes upload speed. That is sweet speed!

This ATIV is being offered at $699 at AT&T. Data plan required. There are similar (and less expensive) devices available if you can make do with finding WiFI connections when needed or if you will always be using it or working in the same location or two. But having the always on broadband modem (4G) built right into this device is a real convenience. As always, monthly data charges ensue.

Check out the details and ‘specs’ on this wonderful Samsung ATIV!

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