Ricoh Aficio Set Up


Color Printer Set Up
Ricoh Aficio 505

Sample installation guide of the very powerful networked Ricoh Aficio 505 Color Printer, on a Windows 98 system. Although this printer is a bit old now, one of its descendants, the Aficio MP C2500 is just as awesome!
Part 1:  Install the Needed Printer Drivers

1. In Public Directory: open “Corporate\sharename” (:\ drive). Open the folder, then “Ricoh Aficio505drivers”\ “FieryColorPrt” folders. In other words, find the drivers or software needed for your printer.

Then, double click Setup.

2.   Be sure all other programs are closed. Click Next\Yes, Do a ‘Typical’ install.

3.   Use Port LPT1 (subject to Change after driver install), then review the “Current Settings”    and note the various Adobe drivers, etc. Then, Finish.

Part 2: Add the Printer

1.     Go to your Start Menu/Settings/Printers (note the Fiery 500-PCL and Fiery 500-PS driver icons) . Then do a Add Printer/next/select Network Printer.

2.       Browse the Network Path or Queue to find “ColorLaser Ap505” (Second Floor), or “Ap505-1” (First Floor), or wherever your printer is located! Open the appropriate one, then select “direct”\OK\Next (Nah, let’s not print from DOS-based programs).

3.       The Path could be: \\Color\direct \\Color1\direct (fill in if, for some reason, browsing is not possible or Network printer is not found). Pay heed to the Caps and the space before printer names!

4.       Select ‘Ricoh’ from Manufacturers list. And select ‘Fiery 500-PS’ from the Printers List\Next

5.       Name the Printer: this is the name the User will see, so it should be intuitive, like “Color Printer 1st floor”, as some users have multiple ones installed, especially QA.

6.       Don’t make it the default printer. These are for special jobs only. Print a Test Page to finish installation and to be sure all is well.

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