Email POP, SMTP Set Ups

Internet and Email Accounts Set-Up, POP & SMTP

One of the first documents written. Some very basic set ups for Windows 9X-related email applications & for Netscape too.

Internet Explorer

1. Open Internet Explorer (After New Install)/ “Connect via LAN” (Note: the “Internet Connection Wizard” can also be opened via Start\Programs\Accessories\Internet Tools)

  1. LAN Internet configurations: don’t check anything, as we don’t use proxy settings.
  2. When prompted: “Set Up Email Now?” answer NO! Complete Email Setup later.
  3. Upon Finish: Optional: type in “” in address bar of IE. In Tools/Internet Options, Home Page, select “Use Current” :>

Outlook 98 Setup

  1. Select “Mail” in IE to open up Outlook 98. Or open from Desktop, etc. Assuming this is the first time, set up a new account. (Another option: Open Outlook 09, Tools/Accounts). Input the user’s full name first, then email address (
  2. Input: POP3/SMTP Information: first, POP settings: “”
  3. Then, SMTP server name: “”
  4. The Password=”password” (until first log on, then user will be forced to change).
  5. Advanced: no changes (ports are set correctly by default)
  6. When Completed, if needed: Open Outlook 98 and: go to Tools/Options/Mail Delivery, check ‘Send Messages immediately’ (if you don’t do this, many new users WILL contact IT Support complaining that the Email does not work: messages sit in the outbox by default for a matter of time). Then, change Mail Format to HTML. OK, this is debatable. However, there have been many requests, especially from the Business Development and Marketing-related groups, to have more email formatting options available.

Netscape Communicator (4.x)

  1. Open Mail Client/Edit/Preferences/Mail & NewsGroups/Servers.
  2. Identity: Input name, Username, email, etc.
  3. In Mail Servers: Input Incoming, “”.
  4. ‘Add’, ‘Edit’, “’. Check ‘Remember Password’ (Password=”password” until first log in, when user will be forced to change it).


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