Windows 10 is Free

Yes, it is true. Windows 10 is the new Operating System and it is free.

  • UPDATE – Although technically speaking, the free upgrade only lasted during the early months and pertained only to home editions of Windows 10, Microsoft has been very generous about a free upgrade. See this Post for more information.

A System Tray icon has appeared on my hybrid Asus Windows 8.1 laptop / tablet. It is at the very least available for download now, although it is certainly not mandatory. As you can see from below screen shots, it is a whole new branding of the desktop family. The only way to get it installed on your Windows 8 / 8.1 family system is via Windows Update. It looks to truly emphasize Cortana, the personal digital assistant – which I love!

Oh, and the START MENU is back [just as I was getting used to it leaving the Windows ecosystem].

Free upgrade simply explained :

“The Start menu is back”. Oh, but you have to reserve your free upgrade. It can take several weeks, as they are trying to spread out the demand on their download servers:

Emphasis on speed and security:

Microsoft emphasizing Cortana, the new “Edge” web browser, and some Apps:

Mention of the Windows Store for downloading Apps:

Need to reserve the free upgrade download – this is NOT an immediate free giveaway, and in fact may take days or weeks to get. The free Windows 10 downloads in the background and an icon notification will pop up when all is ready to install!

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