WordPress Set up on Azure – Part 2

After WordPress is installed from the Gallery, straight out of Azure, here is the screen you will see. Note: it is all WordPress from here [Azure hands it off to WordPress]:

I logged in to test, logged out, and am ready to really start:

The Dashboard is where it’s all happening!

The first thing I already decided was to get a custom Theme installed! This is NOT a requirement – you can add content within the default WordPress theme as is.

If using the default is the case, skip the below – go directly to the Posts, Pages or Media links on Left hand side and begin. There is nothing wrong with that. You can use one of the canned year named themes provided by WordPress or get one externally from the numerous web sites offering free or for sale Themes. Custom Themes can really enhance your site but millions of folks use the default theme.

Select Add New Theme:

As I chose and already downloaded the .ZIP file for a custom theme, I can begin. Adding and/or Uploading a Theme – note your WordPress Dashboard can hold many themes for testing or ‘playing around’, but only one can be active:

You can gauge the progress, but mainly these are done in seconds:

Generally, WordPress keeps themes from the last few years, so you may see older themes 2016, 2015, etc. The theme to the right of “Twenty Fourteen” is a custom theme:

Here is the final result. The theme I chose is experimental at this point. It does not matter what you see below. There are thousands and thousands of themes for WordPress available online.


Final thoughts:

The trick is to find one that meets your budget, one that has good history with the online community, and one that can load at a reasonable rate. This last part can be a challenge. Remember: many themes can LOOK super modern, fancy and awesome, but if they become too bloated with content and widgets and plugins, the site can load slowly. Be careful, and be sure to test before releasing live!

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