Add Disk Space in Windows Hyper-V Server

Need to extend or add disk space to a Virtual Machine? The wonderful thing about virtual server technology is that disk space can be added super easily. The days of purchasing extra hard drives of any sort online and then installing them in a server are slowly coming to an end. Now disk space can be added, or extended in this example, through virtualization technology.

The following applies to extending a current virtual disk drive to Server 2008 R2 or 2012.



SQL Server 2008 Database Mirror Setup Fails

Sometimes setting up Database Mirroring or Replication from one database to another for disaster recovery or fault tolerance etc. can be tricky.  I ran into an issue where the mirror kept failing, even after the full backup [from the Principal] and restore [to the Mirror] of the database and most recent transaction logs completed successfully. I encountered ‘handshake failed’ and encryption algorithm errors.

It was indicated in Event ID’s 1474 and 1433.

Fascinating! I elaborate on a resolution here.