Silverlight Frozen on Microsoft Site!

I had the strange experience of Silverlight, a piece of … Microsoft software, completely freeze while on a Microsoft site [Azure Portal]. The message informed me that ‘Protection’ mode was there to defend me so I was not allowed to enter, or something similar. Gee, thanks!

I love the idea of protection, but shouldn’t Microsoft know that it’s own services are safe? In addition, why is Microsoft locking my page up completely? I was not able to click the “Allow” button. What a tease! Even “Don’t Allow” was frozen.

I even tried the trick of cascading all pages to see if there was a secret hidden pop up box or page. No go. Or should it (not) know about its own safety? Ok, what do I know? Silverlight is an ‘add on’ to Internet Explorer, a Microsoft product and in fact is now firmly intertwined  with Windows 8.

So, to be more concise: I am working on Azure SQL. I try to get into the Azure or SQL Manager to practice some queries on my new database, but I encounter the following, which you may not be able to verify through the ethernet, but I assure it is frozen stiff.


Regardless, the only way to ‘solve’ the Silverlight screen freeze, is –

1) End the IE process via hard close within Task Manager

2) Completely disable Internet Explorer Protected Mode [restart of IE needed]. Go into IE Options, then Security tab, then remove all 4 checkboxes to Internet, Local Intranet, Trusted, and  Restricted Sites or zones.

Not much help, but you can try downloading the latest Silverlight version: Silverlight page. I already had the latest so I resorted to the 2 steps above.

To me, it is ludicrous that Microsoft Internet Explorer PROTECTED MODE needs to be disabled in order to get a MICROSOFT PRODUCT to work.

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