Cool WinAmp Feature

This is not a Vista note per se, but I cannot believe I am just now discovering this: WinAmp has an Auto-tag feature! What is this? It means the days of empty music library data are over. When one opens WinAmp in order to play local MP3s for example, in the Local Media view can be seen basic song information: Artist, Album, Track #, Title, Length, etc (assuming music files have already been added to the library). However, as we all know, it is very common for song information to be scattered and these fields are frequently empty.

To solve this problem, using WinAmp, in the Local Media view, right click the song, or file, and select “View File Info”.

Note the empty boxes.
Now just click Auto-tag and you should see a brief note like this:

Anf finally, you can see this killer Journey song’s information has filled in ;>

WinAmp is a very nice application. It is amongst the best media players, IMHO. I recommend it heartily. Now you also can fill in those empty music file descriptions by use of the Auto-Tag feature.


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