Add On Software, Uninstall a Program

It never ceases to amaze me how many applications or software packages end up on our laptops or PCs. I have provided various levels of support and systems administration within business environments. That is because people (who have proper Administrator rights) frequently get programs installed that they do not use. In fact they do not remember installing the software at all because this software was added on as part of another package.
For example, Java and Instant Messenger programs frequently come with add ons included (toolbars, McAfee Security Scans etc etc). How does the software get added on? Well, you know how we all whiz through software installs? VERY RAPIDLY. As a result, there is usually a check mark for an add on that gets missed while we are installing something else. These programs are usually not harmful (USUALLY) but are very annoying to many people.
To remove, for Vista and later, just type in “Programs” in the “Start Search”, from the lowest left point on your screen(Start menu). Then “Programs and Features” will appear in the list on the menu. Open it and uninstall any software not in use.

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