Windows 8 Phone HTC versus Lumia 920

Regarding my previous post on the Lumia 920 freezing up, I have a coworker who has the latest HTC: same Windows 8 Phone OS. The HTC was chosen by him because it was slimmer and a bit lighter. Some would say it looks better. Personally, I prefer the beefier Lumia 920 and also I was used to the same sized 900, so he chose HTC and I chose Lumia 920.

He has actually had his phone for 2 weeks longer than I have had the Lumia 920. He has had absolutely no freezes at all. This is interesting, and leads me to believe the Lumia 920 screen freezing issue is more hardware related than OS related. It is not a major issue becasue a reboot should resolve. Hopefully, there will be a fix for it regardless. Of course, this is not very scientific, it is only anecdotal.

As stated, overall I love the Lumia 920. The AT&T cellular data is 4G and fast. The phone connections are reliable and the Windows Apps store is really starting to grow. I love the integration with Zune, SkyDrive and my Windows desktop. Also, software updates are very easy to accomplish when connecting the phone to the computer via USB.

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