Windows Security Concerns?

Who isn’t worried about computer security these days. It seems in the past few years, the true guilty parties regarding security flaws are non-Microsoft companies, such as Google and Adobe.

“Non-Microsoft security flaws the real culprit, analysis finds”

Despite the number of Microsoft programs, only 14 percent of the vulnerabilities in the top 50 were caused by its software, a drop that continues a well-established trend towards third-party security flaws in recent years.
On the face of it, the top offenders in the top 50 were Google’s Chrome with 291 vulnerabilities in 2011-2012, Mozilla Firefox with 257, Apple iTunes with 243, followed by Flash Player on 67, Java on 66, and Reader on 43.
Peer into Secunia’s slightly convoluted presentation of the figures and it becomes clear that there is some double counting here; a Flash vulnerability will show up as a flaw in browsers as well as itself for example.
It’s not clear why Secunia didn’t state this more explicitly, but there is plenty of independent evidence that the top offenders for vulnerabilities in popular programs are mainly Java, Adobe’s Reader and Flash browser plugins and Apple’s iTunes.”

PC World Article

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