AT&T U-verse Woes Before I even Have It – UPDATED

I was so excited to begin the transition to AT + T U-verse. I have separate accounts with 3 separate companies for Internet, TV, and Phone. Also, AT + T U-verse is offering a lock in 1 year commitment @ some very competitive pricing: $109 for mega channels, decent Internet and phone service. You have to hang on to it for 1 year minimum but pricing is for 2 YEARS!

Very nice, right? Well … I go through the online ordering, and choose the 3 packages: 250 mins for U-verse phone (should be enough), 200 U-verse cable channels, and 6 MBPS Internet, again for $109/month for next 2 years. Awesome! Wait … I just got an email saying there is a problem: AT + T sees I have service already so order cannot proceed unless it is canceled. Weird. So, my traditional land line needs to be canceled prior? Hmm, I wonder how the timing of this can work out? It gives a number to call. I call, and they explain the above and that my current number can be ported over, but I need to be transferred to a separate person to cancel current service.

First problem: 10 minute wait. I usually do not use this but …… Lol

Major problem: AT + T, being the mega Demi God or Goddess of all things telecommunications cannot build into this Uverse order a transition of my phone service, that I have through … AT + T …into new U-verse service? It is up to me to call the very same company, AT + T, to cancel current phone service in order to enable Uverse?

Wow. Anyone have the Comcast number handy?


I was wrong. Or at least I did not understand all the details. Maybe AT + T could have explained it a bit better, but …. Yes, I did indeed have to disconnect my current DSL before getting a Uverse installation date set, but further research shows that this is common practice. Comcast requires the same. The reason is that the phone signal can only handle one provider at a time.

So, true enough I had to endure a few days without the DSL. However, I was able to get AT + T out in 5 days, and the install went extremely well. I got a smaller receiver that is sleek, along with a very efficient Wireless router. The features of the remote control and Uverse itself are immense. It takes a little time to learn, but is worth it.

In addition, the internet is solid, and the phone works super well. It’s been a week and no issues. I very much recommend U-Verse!

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