Charge The Windows Nokia Phone Wirelessly

Charging a Windows (or any) phone wirelessly? Through a so called wireless “pillow”? What? You mean, no cable to the phone of any sort is involved? To be able to charge a smart phone wirelessly is so cool! Now, it looks like it is possible to do so for under $35. Very nice.

“We’ve seen the Nokia wireless charging pad go for as little as $25 recently but so far, its fluffier cousin, the “Fatboy” has not had such a deal. Yesterday we reported an offer for $45 but today we can beat that. Truth be told, the Fatboy pillow is the very same wireless charging pad but with a wraparound bed for your precious Lumia.

That wireless downy combo used to cost upwards of $100 but now you can pick up both for $35 using the Daily Steals website. Even if you don’t like the bed, you can pull away the Velcro and slide out the wireless charging pad to use it naked.”

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