Windows 8.1 Update

So … Windows 8.1 shall be released soon. What is this all about? In sum, Windows 8.1 is akin to a nicely done coat of fresh paint over the original version 8. It is an update. A couple of simple key points:

1. IT IS FREE. Makes sense? It is simply an update to Windows 8.

2. Searching is easier: when you mouse or touch down to the lower right of Windows 8, you see the Search function. It has been divided into 3 separate search areas: Apps, Settings, Files. With Windows 8.1 the searching is combined, and includes web results. It is done by Bing technology.
[I am still not 100% sure whether or not Settings are also searched in this all-in-one update]

3. SkyDrive is the default location for saving files. I think this is awesome. I do not think Microsoft does enough to tout its SkyDrive nor the integration with the former Hotmail and everyday PCs or tablets etc. If you have not saved anything to SkyDrive, give it a try. Save a few test files to it. If you have a Windows phone, you can see them from there. You can log into your Outlook.Com account from any PC in the world and retrieve that cool picture or important Word Document.

After logging into Hotmail (Outlook.Com), a little secret that some do not know: there’s a little arrow pointing downward. If clicked, you get the secrets to your kingdom:
Outlook.Com, People, Calendar, SkyDrive

There are other new features, fixes, and updates included with the Windows 8.1 release.

Anyway, here’s the official Microsoft Windows 8.1 site

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