Windows 11 Broke our Snipping Tool

Have you upgraded recently from Windows 10 to Windows 11? Did you notice that the new Snipping Tool gives an error when you first try to use it on your new Windows 11? I tried a bunch of hacks to fix it, but it turns out it was an acknowledged Microsoft bug and MS needed to provide a fix. This is the error:

Snipping Tool

The key/fix is to aggressively update your recently upgraded Windows 11 PC. No, really. Go to the search magnifying glass in Windows 11, type ‘update’, and proceed to run as many updates as possible. After restart, go back and try to update again until KB5008295 is installed or your snipping tool is fixed.

Windows 11 Update History

Here are the details to that bug fix / KB (Snipping Tools is mentioned right away in the highlights) … a few other minor bugs are fixed as well:

November 5, 2021—KB5008295 Out-of-band (

All in all, nice job Microsoft.

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